Systems ERP: manage all your business processes with a single software

Sistemi ERP - Cosa sono e come implementarli

Systems ERP: manage all your business processes with a single software

What is an ERP system?

An ERP system – in other words Enterprise Resource Planning – allows the management and planning of business resources through the integration of numerous internal processes such as accounting, procurement, sales, resource management, production, logistics and warehousing.

Compared to a modular approach with interfaced specialised software options, ERP manages all the areas within a company that can be automated and/or monitored, based on a single data base and applying a single logic, thus allowing users to operate in a uniform and integrated context, regardless of the company area.

The design of a reliable, effective and customised ERP system is essential for the continuous management and improvement of company workflows and also allows small and medium-sized enterprises to rely on easy-to-use tools in order to be competitive on the market.

For over twenty-five years, Datalab has been developing IT solutions based on the most advanced ERP management software and has consolidated a very effective partnership with SAP, a world leading company for ERP solutions. This partnership allows providing customers with top-level solutions in all situations.


An ERP software must ensure the right flexibility that allows customisation of the system and make it suitable for a specific sector of the market and for the specificities of each individual company. It must be able to provide data in real time and in the most appropriate manner to make more informed decisions and define complex strategies. Moreover, the latest ERP systems do not only integrate primary activities such as accounting, sales, purchases, logistics, production, but also has modules that allow the management of complex relationships with customers, human resources or supply chains.

The increasingly massive use of elements such as barcodes has made ERP systems essential for the management of warehouses, but also for the monitoring and movement of goods, and in this context Datalab can intervene with the creation of in-line projects with the most advanced technologies offered by the sector.

ERP software is ideal for simplifying many of the tasks that an activity requires every day, since it ensures ample configuration flexibility to adapt to business flows, while at the same time allowing numerous preconfigured organisational models which are particularly useful, especially when a company aims to innovate its internal organisation in a short time to better face the challenges of the market.


Mobility is a very important aspect in the computerisation of business processes. ERP software helps small and medium-sized businesses to professionally manage data remotely so as to monitor every aspect of a business at any time and from any device through a Cloud.

Access to the company’s vital information via the Web or through specific Apps installed in mobile devices is a necessary requirement in today’s business world, and the ERP solutions supplied by Datalab allow you to manage your company naturally in these aspects.


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